How to run the DStv installation wizard

I get a lot of questions from clients on how to run the DStv installation wizard. Most people get stuck on Step 4 of 5, sounds familiar? Don’t worry, because you are not alone. In this guide, I will show you how to configure the installation wizard. But first, let’s define what the installation wizard is.

What is the DStv installation wizard?

DStv installation wizard
DStv installation wizard

The DStv installation wizard is a setup assistant that allows you to choose your decoder settings and connect to the satellite. The wizard starts automatically when you reset your decoder or turn it on for the first time. So, knowing how to run the wizard can save you money since you do not have to hire a technician to set up your decoder.

What you can do with the wizard

When using the installation wizard you can change the following settings:

  • language
  • name of satellite depending on your country
  • type of setup (quick or manual)
  • LNB type based on the model of the decoder

Running the installation wizard

The video below shows how to run the DStv installation wizard when using a normal HD decoder that uses a single or twin LNB. If you do not want to watch the video you can skip to the textual guide after the video.

How to run the wizard on an HD decoder ( single or twin LNB)
  1. Press the blue “DStv button”
  2. Use the right arrow to go to “Settings”
  3. Scroll down to “Satellite Settings”
  4. Then choose “Home Network”
  5. Select “Launch Installation Wizard” then press “OK” on the remote
  6. Choose the satellite that matches your country. If you are in South Africa select “IS20”
  7. Select “Manual Setup” for the HD decoder
  8. Set the LNB type to be “Universal”
  9. Select “Scan” then press “OK” on the remote.
    If you do not see blue bars then you do not have a signal.
  10. Now you have to wait until your decoder finishes scanning


There you have it, that is how you run the wizard. If there is no signal you can see an error message which reads “This function cannot be performed as the signal strength is low“. You can solve this problem by following the steps in an article I wrote on how to fix a DStv no signal issue.

If you do not want the complications of fixing the signal problem on your own you can contact our accredited DStv installers.

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