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About Easyinstall DStv Installers Africa
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Welcome to Easyinstall DStv installers, South Africa’s dedicated and licensed DStv installers. Since we have a lot of experience in repairing DStv installations in major provinces of South Africa, we are the right company to do your DStv installation for your home and business. We specialize in decoder repairs, DStv extra view connections, DStv signal diagnostics, and DStv relocations.

Our vision

To provide professional DStv installers in South Africa whom clients can rely on.

Our mission at Easyinstall

The mission is simple: install, repair, and service DStv connections so that clients enjoy a good TV watching experience.

Who we are?

Easyinstall was formally launched on December 12, 2018. As a result, we have been installing DStv decoders for both residential homes and businesses. Our clients are happy with the work that we do. We take pride in delivering the best service to all our esteemed clients.

Easyinstall DStv Installers

Our team consists of specially trained DStv technicians who are good at diagnosing and fixing DStv signal problems. Our technicians use the right equipment to do all DStv installation jobs. So, you can trust us to a good job according to industry standards. We know the best places to get the best signal for your decoder. Since we have been in the industry for a long time, we have the right knowledge to do the job.

Easyinstall gives varied Digital satellite TV connections in major cities and towns of South Africa. In fact, we supply and install satellite TV connection accessories to our esteemed clients.

Workmanship Guarantee

All our DStv installation jobs carry a 3 months workmanship guarantee. The guarantee applies only when we supply all the materials during the installation. This is so because we use industry-approved DStv accessories. Multichoice recommends the use of approved LNBs and satellite dishes.

We keep stock of DStv accessories that we sell at an affordable price. This guarantees the proper functioning of your decoder. Moreover, your DStv installation should be done by an accredited installer.

Get in touch with our technicians today. We will send you a reliable who will do a good job.

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