DStv Installation Midrand

Easyinstall provides reliable DStv installation services in Midrand on a daily basis. We provide our DStv setup service at short notices. Our approved DStv installers are good at fixing and diagnosing DStv signal and extra view problems.

Our DStv specialists will also help you set up your extra view and repair your decoder. So, contact us and we will send a reliable call out team that will do a good job.

What to do when your DStv is not working

We understand that losing your DStv signal can be frustrating. So, you may ask – “What causes your decoder to lose signal?” There is no single answer to this question. Heavy storms that move the satellite dish out of alignment cause signal loss. To rule out alignment issues, you have to turn your satellite dish left and right. If your dish is moving freely then it might be a sign that your satellite dish needs an alignment.

Bad weather elements such as lightning can also destroy LNBs. The LNB is the eye on the dish. A broken LNB allows water to seep inside. If you don’t solve the issue quickly, the water inside the LNB can short-circuit the decoder. In this case, you need to replace your LNB.

If you find out that your DStv does not have signal, try these checks first before calling us:

Verify that you are experiencing a DStv error

A lot of people confuse a “no signal” error that comes from selecting an incorrect TV source with DStv errors. All DStv errors codes start with the letter “E”. Here are a few examples:

  • E48-32 – the decoder is not getting DStv signal from the satellite dish.
  • E143 – there is no communication from the primary decoder to the secondary decoder.
  • Use the self-service portal to clear all other DStv errors by dialing *120*68584#. Make sure you use the sim card number that was used to register DStv.

Always connect your HDMI and AV cables correctly.

Installation Wizard

If you are having issues with the DStv installation wizard then visit my post on how to run the installation wizard.

Flashing lights on the decoder

If you see the decoder flashing red, green, and yellow lights then your power cable might be faulty. Find a spare charger for the decoder and use it to test for power.

If the decoder is refusing to switch on and it shows a red light then take it to Multichoice for repairs.

Checking for loose cable connections

Loose cable connections cause a lot of signal problems. Sometimes and kids and pets can pull cables. So, before you call us, make sure that you attach all cables correctly on the right ports. Connect the signal cable to the LNB in port on the decoder.

Sometimes f-type connectors cause signal problems if you do not attach them correctly. Here is a link to the article on how to make sure that your DStv cables are put correctly.

DStv Installers Midrand

DStv Installation Midrand
DStv Installation in Midrand

Our DStv installers in Midrand are also very reliable. So, they arrive at your site on time. In addition, our technicians are popular for performing fast DStv installations and repairs.

So, if you need a DStv installation Midrand service that is professional then talk to our consultants.

Our range of DStv installation services in Midrand

  1. Troubleshooting DStv signal problems
  2. DStv Extra view set up
  3. Surround Sound setup
  4. DStv take-down & DStv Reinstallations
  5. Satellite Dish Alignment & Replacements
  6. Smart/Single/Twin LNB Replacements
  7. TV Mounting/ Plasma Television Wall Mounts/ Wall Mounted/ Wall Brackets

Affordable DStv repairs in Midrand?

Our DStv installation prices in Midrand are low. So, you pay less for all your DStv repairs. Our TV repair services are also durable. So, they will last for a long time.

In fact, we do not include any hidden costs. So, what we quote you is what you pay for. Therefore, if you live in Midrand and you need a cheap DStv repair service then call us.

You can either call us or leave us a message. We promise to send you are reliable DStv technical guy who will do a good job.

Accredited DStv installers in Midrand

We have DStv accredited installers in Midrand who are well trained to fix all your DStv problems. So, all our DStv setups are done in the correct way.

Our satellite dish installers attend training workshops. This is so because we want you to get the best DStv set up in Midrand.

Hire our DStv approved installers in Midrand so that you can get the best service. We keep stock of DStv installation accessories that we get from our suppliers.

As a matter of fact, we sell the stock at low prices. So, call us to make an appointment.

Fix DStv No Signal Problem

Since there are many DStv installers in Johannesburg, the task of finding a skilled DStv installer is tough. So, if you need a DStv installer who will mount your satellite dish then call us.

We have DStv tech guys in Midrand who are good at replacing either faulty or rusted DStv dishes. In fact, we stock and supply galvanized and aluminum DStv satellite dishes that we sell at a cheap price.

Our operation area

We provide DStv set up services to a lot of suburbs in Midrand. These include Beaulieu, Carlswald, Glen Austin, Glenferness, and Halfway House.

We also work in Kyalami, Vorna Valley, Noordwyk, and Halfway Gardens. Also, DStv installers work in Summerset, Blue Hills, Erand, President Park and Randjesfontein.

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