DStv Installers Hillcrest – Accredited Decoder and Signal repairs

Easyinstall provides reliable DStv installers in Hillcrest at short notices. Our professional technicians understand all your DStv installation requirements around Hillcrest.

We also provide professional DStv decoder repairs, Extra view setup, and signal restoration services on a daily basis. Contact us today.

DStv Installation Services in Hillcrest

DStv Installers Hillcrest
Accredited DStv Installers in Hillcrest

Since we are a reputable DStv connection company, our installers provide cheap domestic and commercial installation services in Hillcrest.

In addition, our DStv technicians are good at identifying DStv problems quickly. So, if your decoder has signal problems, you can expect the installers to do the DStv repair service in the shortest time possible.

Our DStv specialists are also honest and professional. So, you will get the best advice on the type of DStv setup you need for your home. You can either call us or leave us a message.

We promise to send you a reliable DStv installer in Hillcrest who will do a good job.


  • DStv Decoder Repairs
  • Additional TV points
  • DStv Extra View Set up
  • Surround Sound set up
  • DStv reinstallations
  • Single LNB, Twin LNB, and Smart LNB Replacements
  • Fix DStv no signal problem
  • TV Mounting/ Plasma TV Wall Mounts/ Wall Mounted/ Wall Brackets

Approved DStv installers in Hillcrest?

Our DStv installers who work in Hillcrest have accreditation to fix your installation in the most professional way possible. So, they know the correct way to mount and align your DStv satellite dish.

This is because they use the right tools to do the job. So, you can be sure that you will get the best signal for your decoder. The technicians will leave your site clean after repairing your DStv installation.

If you are looking for reliable DStv installers who work in Hillcrest then contact us. You can either call us or leave us a message. We promise to send you a skilled DStv installer who will do a good job.

We Fix Satellite Dish Signal Problems

Bad weather elements such as strong winds and thunderstorms can damage your DStv satellite dish. So, if the DStv dish moves out of alignment, you will have a no signal error on your decoder.

Easyinstall provides DStv installers who fix DStv signal problems around Hillcrest. We also supply galvanized, steel, and aluminum dishes that we get from our reliable suppliers at a reasonable cost. So, all you need to do is to talk to one of our consultants.

Link decoders on Extra View

If you have two or three DStv decoders that you want to link under a single subscription using extra view then contact us. In fact, linking your decoders allows you to watch different channels on different decoders whilst paying for a single subscription. But for your extra view to function properly, you need a professional DStv technician to do the setup. Hiring us allows your decoders function correctly since our technician know the best settings for your setup.

Remember, the type of Extra view set up you need for your home depends on the number and types of decoders you have. If you don’t know how to connect extra view decoders then talk to us. Our technicians are always available to help.

We promise to will send you professional advice on the best set up for your home.

DStv signal repairs

Heavy rains in Hillcrest is the major cause of poor signal strength and quality. As a result, a lot of satellite dishes rust easily. The rust eats away the metal on the satellite dish which then makes your dish to go out of alignment. Poor satellite dish alignment causes poor signal reception. Our technicians recommend using steel or aluminium dish kits. We stock of dish kits and LNBs that we sell at a reasonable price.

Trees grow fast when there is a lot rains. In addition, damp leaves also affect the strength of the signal. Therefore, if a tree is in front of your satellite dish then you are most likely to experience poor signal reception. So, our DStv technicians can help you identify trees that are causing signal problems. You can then remove or prune the problematic trees.

If you do not align your satellite dish correctly then our DStv installers who work in Hillcrest can help you restore your signal. We have the best tools for the job. So, we will make sure that you get the best DStv signal reception.

We Fix DStv Decoder Errors in Hillcrest

If you want to connect your new DStv decoder then hire us. We have trained DStv installers who will help you set up your decoder using the correct settings.

Also, if you are seeing decoder errors on your TV then talk to us. Our DStv technicians also know how to fix DStv errors quickly.

In particular, Multichoice recommends using an approved DStv installer for all Explora decoder connections. This is so because the Explora decoder needs a signal strength that is above 70%.

A good DStv signal strength means you can watch DStv CatchUp, BoxOffice, and ShowMax. So, if you live in Hillcrest then book a meeting with us today.

We also offer professional DStv installers in Waterfall and other areas surrounding Hillcrest.

DStv Relocations

We also assist our clients in Hillcrest to reconnect their DStv decoders when they move into a new place. If you have recently moved into a new house which has a different setup we can help you identify the correct cables. Our technicians can even modify the existing installation in your new home to suit your needs.


How long does it take to install my DStv?

The amount of time it takes to complete a DStv installation varies according to the complexity of the job. In most cases, installations such as single view setups, dish alignment, dish replacement usually take less than an hour. However, complex jobs like triple view setup from scratch usually take up to 2 hours.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, EFT, instant money, cash send, and eWallet payments.

Do you provide any installation guarantees?

As a matter of fact, our work carries a 3-month workmanship guarantee.

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