DStv Installers in Pinetown

Easyinstall provides reliable DStv installers in Pinetown on a daily basis. Our DStv technicians know how to get the best DStv signal for your decoder. So if you are having DStv decoder problems or signal issues, contact us. We will fix it quickly.

DStv installers Pinetown
DStv Installers in Pinetown

Accredited DStv installers in Pinetown?

We specialize in DStv installations, extra view setup, signal alignment, and LNB replacements. In fact, our company offers cheap DStv services and repairs in Pinetown.

In addition, our DStv technical guys are well known for being punctual, fast and honest. If you want the best picture quality possible then talk to us. All you have to do is to contact us.

DStv installation services in Pinetown

As a matter of fact, our DStv installation services are available on a daily basis. To add to that, we work during public holidays.

  • Troubleshooting errors
  • DStv Repairs Services
  • Surround Sound
  • DStv Relocations
  • DStv Dish Installation
  • Dish Signal Alignment
  • Single LNB, Twin LNB, and Smart LNB Replacements
  • DStv Extra View Set up
  • TV Mounting/ Plasma Television Wall Mounts/ Wall Mounted/ Wall Brackets

Extra View Setup

Do you know that you can link 2 or 3 decoders under a single subscription using DStv extra view? This enables you to pay a single subscription plus an access fee of R100 for each extra decoder you add to the extra view. But, you need an accredited installer in Pinetown to connect your decoders so that you will not experience the E143 error.

Fixing DStv Signal Problems

Since your satellite dish is located on the outside, it can be affected by strong winds and rust. When this happens, you experience DStv signal problems. You can always tell if you have a signal problem when you see the E48-32 error on your TV.

However, many people confuse the DStv E48-32 no signal error with the “No Signal” error that your TV shows if there is nothing connected to it. This notification normally tells you to check your TV source. Before you contact us, make sure that you check if all your cables are connected correctly.

We use the approved tools to align your satellite dish correctly. This is so because we want you to get the best signal for your decoder. This allows you to watch HD channels that are free from scrambled pictures.

Replacements of Faulty LNBs

Because the LNB is always exposed to direct sunlight, over time, the material that makes up the LNB becomes brittle. Water then seeps into the LNB which causes your decoder to lose signal.

At Easy install, we keep stock of all kinds of LNBs. If you want to repair the eye on the dish then call us. We supply durable parts.

Approved DStv installers in Pinetown

Since we are one of the few Multichoice accredited DStv installers around Pinetown, our clients appreciate the work that we do. We can’t stress how important it is for your DStv decoder repairs to be done by a qualified DStv installer.

So, our affordable DStv technician attends workshops to keep in touch with the newest Multichoice technologies.

Hence, we can assure you that our DStv installers working around Pinetown will do your DStv repair the right way. This is because we want you to have the best TV viewing experience.

Over the past years, we have provided DStv set up services to residential houses, guest houses, hotels, and complexes. We also have the right tools to complete your DStv decoder set up according to industry standards.

So, if you live in Pinetown and you need a TV repair service then you have come to the right place. So, talk to us and book an appointment.

Dish Installation Prices

At Easy Install, our dish installation cost is cheap. In fact, our prices do not have hidden costs. So, you only pay what we quote you.

We also understand that our clients need value for their money. Thus, we make sure that our satellite dish installation prices fit your budget. So, choose us to get the best DStv repairs service in Pinetown.

Our DStv technicians also give free expert advice to clients. So, benefit from our free advice by choosing us to do your satellite TV setup.

So, book your appointment today. As a result, we will send you a skilled DStv technician who will do a good job.

OVHD installers in Pinetown

ovhd installers pinetown
OVHD installation in Pinetown

At Easyinstall, we have DStv installers who can help you set up your OVHD decoder. So, within a few minutes, you will be enjoying your free channels in HD.

Our technicians also know how to get the best signal for your OVHD decoder. So, contact us today and we will send an installer to help you out.

DStv Explora decoder set up

If you have recently bought a new DStv Explora decoder then contact us. We have approved DStv installers in town who can help you with your DStv decoder setup.

Afterward, you will enjoy a good TV viewing experience in HD. You can also check our article on how you can install your Explora decoder on your own.

Multichoice recommends using an approved DStv installer when connecting your Explora decoder. This is because your Explora decoder needs the best DStv signal strength to support its features. In particular, we know how to get the best signal.

So, if you need help with installing your decoder then talk to us. Our DStv installers will connect your Explora decoders quickly in Pinetown.

Our technicians will also help you set up your DStv extra view. However, if you are not sure about the type of DStv setup you need, our tech guys will give you professional advice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

DStv Installation FAQs
DStv Installation FAQs
Do you work during weekends and public holidays?

We provide DStv installers on a daily basis. To add to that, we also work during public holidays.

How long does it take to set up my DStv?

The amount of time it takes to complete a DStv setup varies according to the complexity of the DStv installation. In most cases, installing a single view, satellite dish alignment, and satellite dish replacement will take less than an hour. However, big jobs like extra view setup will take up to 2 hours.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, EFT payments, and bank deposits.

Do DStv installers in Pinetown offer any DStv repairs guarantees?

As a matter of fact, our work carries a 3 month
 workmanship guarantee.

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