DStv Satellite Dish Installation

Are you looking for professional DStv satellite dish installation service?

affordable satellite dish installation service

The DStv satellite dish is an antenna through which your decoder receives a DStv signal. It consists of a metallic dish and an LNB. Multichoice recommends the use of a 90cm dish for the best signal reception. In most cases, you mount the dish on top of a roof where there is a clear and unobstructed line of signal.  In areas where there are a lot of trees, a long-bracket is required to elevate the dish. This is so because your decoder requires optimum DStv signal in order to show a full HD picture quality.

Hire a professional to do your DStv Dish Antenna installation

When it comes to installing a DStv satellite dish, it is important to align the dish correctly. As a matter of fact, correct dish installation and alignment provides the best signal strength for your DSTV decoder. You can easily do this by hiring a DStv approved installer who has the right equipment to do a correct satellite dish alignment.

DStv weak or no signal problem

dstv no signal error issue

Are you experiencing DStv signal problems on your decoder? In most cases, dish alignment and LNB problems are the major cause of a weak or no signal error on your decoder. So, whilst the fix is an easy DIY, you actually require the right tools to complete the job. EasyInstall provides you with reliable DStv technicians who have the best tools and skills to fix the problem without any hustles. In fact, our technicians are able to align your satellite dish and test your LNB to check whether that is the cause of the problem. To add to that, our approved DStv technicians know the best locations to get the best DStv signal for your DSTV dish installation. Therefore, call us at 073 721 2512 for the best DSTV satellite dish installation and alignment service.

Do you have a rusty DStv satellite dish

rust affected satellite dish

A lot of DStv satellite dishes in the coastal areas in South Africa are affected by rust. This is so because coastal areas experience a lot of humid air and rains. As a result, the arm of the dish ends up breaking which puts the LNB out of alignment. A short-term fix for this problem is to get a new galvanized iron dish. However, if you want to permanently fix the problem, you can replace the old satellite dish with an aluminum dish. Aluminum satellite dish kits do not get affected by rust. Even though aluminum satellite dishes cost a fortune, they are a lifetime investment. Easy Install DStv installers can supply you with a dish of your choice.

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